CASA Colombo

Located in Bambalapitiya in Colombo 4, it is in the heart of Colombo’s business district, however as its neatly cosseted away from the busy Galle road by its own cul de sac, it is a gated and very private hotel.

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A Retro-Chic hotel with 12 designer suites housed within a grand 200 year old mansion, Casa Colombo’s style is a tonic for the senses and a breath of fresh air. Placed in the very heart of the city with WiFi, HiFi and all the accoutrements of a personal office, our suites are just perfect for those on the go. For the less inclined, it’s a quiet escape, secluded from the intrusions of the city. 3 fabulous eateries. Our pink pool makes headlines, whilst our Domos make each guest feel as though they were the only ones staying at Casa Colombo.a Conde Nast Hotlist Hotel, and what Luxe loves in Sri Lanka.

Room Catergories: Traveler Suite / Corporate Suite / Royal Suite

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The Colombo Museum

meseumIt houses many of the island’s historical treasures, such as archaic palm leaf manuscripts, antique porcelain, rock sculptures from ancient cities, royal regalia, and an excellent collection of demon masks. Erected at the request of the Ceylon branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, it was declared open in 1877. Designed by James Smithers, an architect then working with the Public Works Department, it was constructed by Wapchi Marikar Baas (later knighted as Sir Razik Fareed). Pleased at the quality of the construction, the Governor asked Marikar Baas what favour he desired for constructing so fine a building. Marikar requested that the Museum remain closed on Fridays, so as not to distract Colombo’s Muslim community from their weekly prayers. To honour his request, the Museum still closes to public every Friday.

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara

kelaniyaThis Buddhist temple is believed to be located at the spot where the Buddha preached 2000 years ago. It has an excellent carving of a reclining Buddha, and is the site for an annual prahara (religious procession) in January.





pettahThe old Bazar District of mostly Tamil and Muslim traders, this is one of the most ethnically mixed places in Sri Lanka. Each lane seems to have its own specialty, from silk garments and jewelry to spices and fruits. As dusk falls and the oil lamps and neon lights come on, the Tamil, Indian and Sinhalese traders call out, inviting you to sample their wares. Pettah also has many religious buildings, temples as well as the Ul-Afar-Juma Mosque built of brickstone in the year 1909.

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