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NKAR Travels & Tours (Pvt ) Ltd. is happy to invite you on an unforgettable holiday in Sri Lanka, one of the most ancient and captivating countries in the world. If you are an avid traveler with a passion for unique cultures, breathtaking landscapes and palm fringed beaches, you are sure to consider Sri Lanka for the next holiday. Changes of landscape, climate and terrain every 2.5 hours drive is amazing, making for a remarkable Sri Lanka holiday. Travel around the beautiful country at ease as the friendly and professional hosts of Nkar Tours will introduce you to the unmatched charm of this island in the Indian Ocean, a truly astonishing destination.

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Having more than a thousand various types of vehicles, NKAR offer you a more comfortable and a safe journey through out your stay in Sri Lanka. Whatever your requirement for travelling ranging from a car…

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Duruthu Perahera – January

In Sri Lanka Peraheras are a regular event. Every month there is a perahera somewhere in the island. The Duruthu Pererahera in Kelaniya, which just concluded is the first perahera in the year.

Many believe that this perahera marks the Buddha’s visit to Kelaniya on a Duruthu Full Moon Day….

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